Traffic management and calming

Parking restrictions

We control parking to improve road safety, reduce congestion and pollution, balance parking provision and ensure access for emergency vehicles. Parking restrictions include no waiting/loading (single and double yellow lines and limited waiting markings.

You can find more information about road markings and signs on the Department for Transport's website.

When new parking restrictions can be introduced

To introduce a formal parking restriction by making a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO).  A TRO is a legal order which allows restrictions to be enforced by Police Scotland.

How TRO’s are used

Each town has its own TRO which can be updated to add, amend or remove restrictions.

Requesting new double or single yellow lines

We don’t typically provide single or double yellow lines where:

  • the street is primarily residential
  • problems are caused by other residents
  • parking issues only happen infrequently

If you have serious concerns about road safety issues or if bin collections are being affected by on street parking, you can ask us to consider a new site for inclusion in a TRO using our online form.

If the parking situation isn’t serious but you still think it’s problematic, you could consider reporting the issue as anti-social behaviour.

How long the process takes

Amending a TRO is a lengthy and costly process so we don’t consider changes on a site by site basis. We wait until there’s a sufficient number of changes for that area before making amendments to the TRO.

This means that some requests may have to wait longer than others to be considered, if the town in question doesn’t have other requested changes or an amendment has recently been processed.

How parking restrictions are enforced

Police Scotland have authority to remove a vehicle causing obstruction even when there are no yellow lines and should be contacted if immediate action is required.

Refreshing road markings

You can report any road marking that’s faded or worn on our Potholes or other road and pavement issues form.

Parking information

Find out more about other parking matters: