Road signs

Brown tourist signs

Brown tourist signs in Scotland have a blue thistle symbol. They’re widely recognised and provide clear and consistent directions for people already aware of a business or tourist attraction, but which may be hard to find. Brown signs aren’t meant as any kind of advertising.

You can find more information about road markings and signs on the Department for Transport's website.

Applying for a sign

The first thing to do is check you qualify on the Visit Scotland website and if you do, sign up to their Quality Assurance Scheme. You’ll receive an accreditation letter once you’re signed up.

If you’ve got an accreditation letter you can complete our online form. Have a scan or photo of the letter ready as you’ll be asked to upload it as part of your application.

What happens once you’ve applied

Once you’ve submitted your request we’ll contact you to discuss potential sign designs and locations. We’ll normally visit your premises to establish if there are any restrictions on where we can put a sign.

Ordering a sign

Once the design has been finalised we’ll send you an estimated cost for us to put the sign up. Once you’ve accepted the design and cost we’ll order the signs, and once the work is complete we’ll send you an invoice.

Damaged or missing signs

Once your sign is up, we take on responsibility for the maintenance of the sign. You can report damaged or missing signs.

Removing signs

If you leave the Visit Scotland quality assurance scheme we’ll remove your sign. You can use our online form tell us you’re no longer accredited.