Traffic management and calming

Residents parking

With increased ownership of cars it can be difficult to find parking near your home, and can be challenging where residents, workers and visitors are looking to park at key times.

Larger employers in the area encourage staff to use public transport, operate pool cars and offer priority parking for car sharing to alleviate any parking issues. Staff are also reminded to be courteous and considerate of neighbours.

Schools also work with parents to actively encourage walking and cycling so that residents aren’t too inconvenienced.

We don’t currently have plans to introduce residential parking schemes as they’re resource intensive and require regular enforcement from Police Scotland to be successful.

If you believe that a parked vehicle is causing an obstruction then you should call Police Scotland on 101

Temporary traffic cones

You can request temporary restrictions on the road, but depending on your requirements there may be a charge involved.

You can complete our online form to request a temporary restriction.

Parking information

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