Road works and closures

Road closures

In undertaking roadworks, roads authorities and utility providers are governed by national legislation. We start from a standpoint of avoiding road closures whenever possible but often this is not achievable due to the nature of the works and the requirement to comply with statutory health and safety requirements.

In terms of the coordination of these closures/works, there is a Local Roads Authority and Utilities Committee (Scotland) which meets regularly to share each services future work programmes and plans. This helps greatly in avoiding work, or diversion route, clashes, and aids prioritisation (eg a road resurfacing scheme may be delayed for a year, if it was known that a utility company was required to go into the same location to carry out significant track work in the near future).

As soon as the details of a road closure or major works are known, this information is sent to our road closure circulation list (this includes all Community Councils, Ward Members, Emergency Services, Bus Companies, Media outlets)

This information is also lodged on Tell Me Scotland

In line with legislation a road closure notice is also placed in the local press.

You can see our upcoming road closures for planned works as well as information on major works, that are likely to have a significant effect on local residents and businesses. If you need any additional information or wish to be contacted by an officer involved in the planning and coordination of these works, please get in touch via email:

  • - for our road closure works
  • - for bridge closures
  •  - for Utility road closure works

There may also be local or national events that require roads to be closed for a short period of time. These types of events are listed below and the relevant notices will be published on the Tell Me Scotland website.

  • common ridings
  • cycle tours
  • car rallying

Tell Me Scotland provides up to date information on current traffic notices across Scotland and allows you to filter information, subscribe to news and alerts or download apps.

Road works

Road works on all roads in the Scottish Borders, including trunk roads, are listed on the Scottish Road Works Register which allows you to search a route you plan to use and see if any road works are planned.

For further information on road works in our area please call 0300 100 1800.

Delays or disruptions on trunk roads

Traffic Scotland provide information about possible delays and disruptions on trunk roads.

From 16 August 2020, BEAR Scotland operate and maintain the south east trunk roads on behalf of Transport Scotland.

To report a defect on a trunk road, contact BEAR Scotland.

Further information on BEAR Scotland is available on their website and further details on upcoming road works are issued on their Twitter channel.

Applying for a road closure

A temporary traffic regulation notice or order is required when works or an event are taking place on the public road and there is insufficient road width to maintain at least one way traffic.

To apply for a road closure, you need to complete a road closure application form.

If you are unsure whether an order or a notice is required, contact the Traffic Management using this form.

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