Disabled persons' parking places

We have introduced disabled parking bays in the area as a direct result of the Disabled Persons Parking Places (Scotland) Act 2009. The Act requires local authorities to mark advisory parking bays following requests from ‘qualifying persons’.

Traffic regulation order and plans - July 2020

Am I a qualifying person?

A qualifying person is:

  • a blue badge Holder who lives at the address where the bay is to be marked and a vehicle is registered at that address, and does not have a driveway or private vehicular access at that address
  • an organisation that has a blue badge registered by the organisation at that address, and does not have a driveway or private vehicular access at that address

How can I apply?

If you feel that you would benefit from a disabled parking space close to your residence, you can apply by bringing the following to your local contact centre:

  • V5 car registration document or Mobility Lease document (proving there is a vehicle registered at the address in question)
  • your blue badge/copy of badge/blue badge number (this can be checked at the contact centre)

Contact our road safety team online if:

  • you have any questions about applying
  • your circumstances change at any point and the bay is no longer required

When will I know if I have been successful?

After you have submitted the relevant documents, these will be passed on to our Road Safety team. A letter will be sent out to you within two weeks, informing you of what happens next.

Enforcement and abuse

After lines have been installed, the parking bay will be added to a list to be included in an annual TRO.

The annual TRO will be advertised in local press and there will be a chance for anyone to object to the formalisation of these bays if they feel it is necessary. Once the TRO is finalised, Police Scotland can take enforcement action, should they feel that the bays are being utilised illegally.

Although usually requested by a single applicant, disabled parking bays can be used by anyone in receipt of a blue badge and are not considered as personal parking spaces for the applicant.