Road permits

Approved contractors

Any works on an adopted road, verge or footway which a householder instructs, for example dropped kerbs or infrastructure works relating to a house extension, need to be carried out by our approved contractors and that the appropriate permissions are also in place. Find out more about constructing a driveway which affects public roads and/or footpaths.

These contractors will already have demonstrated that their staff are suitably trained, insured and safe. 

Utility companies appoint their own contractors who have been appropriately vetted for their works.

Road Opening permit

A road opening permit is required when works are required to be carried out on the public road.

To apply for a Road Opening permit you need to download and complete an application form submitted subject to the minimum notice periods as per the details on the application form.

Scaffold permit

A scaffold permit is required when scaffolding is to be positioned on the public road.

To apply for a scaffold permit, you need to complete an application and a design certificate submitted 10 working days before the scaffolding is to be in place:

Cherry Picker permit

A cherry picker permit is required when a cherry picker is to be positioned on the public road.

To apply for a cherry picker permit, you need to download an application form to be submitted five working days before the cherry picker is to be in place. 

Road Occupation permit

If you’re placing any of the following on the road you need a Road Occupation permit:

  • skips
  • containers
  • building materials

You need to apply for a permit at least five working days before the occupation is to be in place.

If you’re a householder looking to apply for a permit, you should speak to a contractor who will make the application as part of the service they provide you.

Apply for a road occupation permit Upload completed road occupation permit