Traffic management and calming

Pedestrian crossings

Light Controlled Crossings have traditionally been located close to busy roads with large numbers of pedestrians crossing to offer a safer place for people to cross the road.

Previously we would consider prescriptive national guidance when considering vehicle and pedestrian volumes.  However, as the national guidance tended to be city and large town orientated this proved to be very limiting and excluded a number of locations where a pedestrian crossing would still be a useful addition.  We have not followed this guidance for many, many years, and instead works with communities and takes a pragmatic approach that will take into account our rural areas by entering into community discussion.

In lieu of following prescriptive national guidance we take a more holistic approach and will consider a number of factors including, but not limited to:

  • Proximity to school, recreational facility, tourist destination        
  • Proportion of child/older/disabled and vulnerable road users
  • Vehicle types
  • Pedestrian waiting times
  • Width of road
  • Speed limit and speed of passing traffic
  • Injury accidents in previous years

Our Officers will continue to work with residents, community councils and elected members to consider requests for light controlled crossings on a case by case basis