Second Home or Holiday Homes

Second Home

A second home is a furnished property that is nobody's sole or main residence, but is lived in for at least 25 days during any 12 month rolling period. Although there is no discount offered for this type of property from 1 April 2017, if the property does not meet the criteria it may be classed as unoccupied and therefore could be dealt with differently.

Please see our unoccupied property page for further information.

Purpose Built Holiday Home

A discount is available for some purpose built holiday homes. A  purpose built holiday home is a property used for holiday purposes. It either has to be vacated at certain times or is unfit to be used throughout the year.

A purpose built holiday home is not the same as a holiday home for commercial let. Please see our charges, valuations and appeals page for further information on holiday homes. 

How to apply for Second Home or Purpose Built Holiday Home status

You can use our online form to make your application, which is the preferred and most efficient method. If you need assistance, contact our Customer Advice and Support Service.

Apply for Second Home or Purpose Built Holiday Home status