Charges, Valuations and Appeals

Working from home

It is possible to be charged business rates if you have a home office or use part of your home for your business on a permanent basis. Business rates may be charged for that part of your home, the rest of the property will be charged Council Tax for domestic use.

This may or may not affect the level of Council Tax that you have to pay. If you intend to run a business from home you should ask for advice from the Assessor.

Advice and guidance from the planning department should be sought prior to any business commencing at a residential property.

Holiday homes

If your holiday home is available for let for at least 140 days per year, you must be assessed for Business Rates. However you may qualify for small business bonus.

If it is available for let for less than 140 day per year then you will have to pay Council Tax instead.

Bed and Breakfast

If you offer Bed and Breakfast accommodation in your own home to six people (or less), you will not be liable for Business Rates as long as you are living in the property. You will pay Council Tax instead.

If you provide Bed and Breakfast for more than six people at any one time, you will have to pay Business Rates. You will also pay Council Tax on the part of your property you use as you home.

For further details on this you should contact the Assessor for more information.