Single Occupancy

A 25% discount may be granted if:

  • there is only one adult resident in the property
  • there are two (or more) adult residents and all but one qualifies to be disregarded (see below).

Online Single Occupancy Review

We are reviewing all customers currently receiving Single Person Occupancy Discount.  If you are included in our review, you will receive a notice alongside your Annual Council Tax Bill asking you to complete our online form. 

We expect bills to be with customers around 14 March 2019, if you have not received yours by 25 March 2019 please contact us.

Online Review Form

Complete our Online Review

Disregarded Discounts

A 50% discount may be granted if:

  • each of the residents qualify to be disregarded.

Definition of “disregarded”

Disregarded people do not count towards the number of occupiers in your property. When we work out your Council Tax, it is based on the number of non-disregarded occupiers.

Reasons for Disregard

The following people qualify to be disregarded when counting the number of adult residents:

If you think you are entitled to a Council Tax Discount or Disregard fill in the application form and return it to us.

Download - Council Tax Discount Application Form