Students and School Leavers


If some or all occupants of the property are students you may be entitled to a discount.

How to apply

In both cases, you will need to provide a certificate from the educational establishment confirming:

  • your student status
  • start date of the course
  • expected end date of the course
  • name of the course
  • that the course is fulltime

School Leavers

You must be aged over 18 but under 20 and on the 30 of April previously be a student undertaking a qualifying course of education (including attending school).

You will need to provide supporting documentation and complete the Council Tax Discount Application Form.

Letter confirming:

  • school/college attended
  • course undertaken
  • date of leaving school/college

The period 1 May to 31 October following the person leaving school or college may be disregarded.