Council Tax Charges and Bands

Council Tax is a property based tax (including some caravans) which contributes towards our services.

A 3% increase will be made to Council Tax in 2022-23.

Your property banding

Every property is in a band and the charge is based on two adult residents. How much you pay depends on which band your house is in. Each band is calculated as a proportion of band D. The table below details the charges for 2022-23.

Band Multiplier
Council Tax
Water Supply
Waste Water
Charge 2022-23
Total Charge
A 240/360 £861.02 £147.60 £171.36 £1,179.98
B 280/360 £1,004.52 £172.20 £199.92 £1,376.64
C 320/360 £1,148.03 £196.80 £228.48 £1,573.31
D 360/360 £1,291.53 £221.40 £257.04 £1,769.97
E 473/360 £1,696.93 £270.60 £314.16 £2,281.69
F 585/360 £2,098.74 £319.80 £371.28 £2,789.82
G 705/360 £2,529.25 £369.00 £428.40 £3,326.65
H 882/360 £3,164.25 £442.80 £514.08 £4,121.13

Council Tax charges and bands 2017-18 to 2021-22.

You can check the band for your property on the Scottish Assessors website.

Water and Waste Water

We collect any domestic water and waste water charges on behalf of Scottish Water.

Where a property is connected to the public water supply or the waste water system, the relevant charges are shown in the bills issued to you.

For further information visit the Scottish Water website.

Band D Council Tax information

This year band D Council Tax has been set at:

  • current year - £1,291.53
  • previous year - £1,253.91


A band D 2021-22 Council Tax bill of £1,253.91 would be split as follows:

Spend Band D Equivalent 2021-22
Children and Young People £517.22
Health and Social Care  £264.13
Finance, IT and Procurement £150.88
Assets and Infrastructure £177.57
Customer and Communities £82.81
Culture and Sport £23.70
Human Resources £25.17
Economic Development and
Corporate Services
Total £1,253.91

Council Tax reductions

Visit our Council Tax Reduction page for information and details on how to apply.

Unoccupied property Council Tax

If your property has been unoccupied for more than 12 months, you may be charged double the normal rate of Council Tax. Further details can be found on the long term empty properties page.

Change in household circumstances

To make sure the right person is charged Council Tax at the right rate, you must tell us about any changes in the circumstances of the adults (aged 18 or over) living in a property.

If there have been any changes in your circumstances, for instance if someone new has moved in, or out then please let us know. It means we can see if you are entitled to money off your Council Tax.