Caravans and Council Tax

Caravans (touring and static) are included on the Council Tax Valuation List by the Assessor where they are considered to be a person's sole or main residence.

If your caravan is your sole or main residence you will be charged Council Tax.

Holiday caravans

Static holiday caravans that are not used as sole or main residence are not classed as domestic property. Hoilday caravans used in this way are not subject to Council Tax.

If you live elsewhere in the UK or have residency or citizenship in another country you should be able to demonstrate that the caravan is being used for holiday and recreational purposes only. It may be that you are asked to provide documentary evidence of this such as a Council Tax bill for your main residence.

Registering a caravan as a domestic residence

If your sole or main residence is within a holiday caravan and you have not received a Council Tax bill please contact Customer Advice and Support Services below.

Alternatively, you can contact the assessor to ensure that your caravan has been registered as a domestic residence.

Customer Advice and Support Service

Address: Council Headquarters
Newtown St. Boswells

Telephone: 0300 100 1800