Road signs

Children crossing warning signs

We can only consider putting up new children crossing triangular warning signs in the vicinity of schools, playgrounds and play parks, or on the approach to formal crossing patrol sites. 

This is because the Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2016 only allows us to erect warning signs if they can also include one of the following signs:

  • school
  • patrol
  • playground

You can find more information about road markings and signs on the Department for Transport's website

Children crossing at other locations

We can’t consider signs in other locations, even if they’re frequently used by children to cross the road

Other hazard warning signs

We may consider other hazard warning signs to alert drivers to the presence of pedestrians on the road or other hazards.

Request a children crossing sign

If you would like to discuss the possibility of installing children crossing warning signs in the vicinity of a school, playground or crossing patrol, contact the Road Safety team  stating the location you would like signage for.

Damaged or missing signs

You can report damaged or missing signs. (Potholes form)