Report a pothole or other road and pavement issue

You can report the following non-urgent issues online:

  • bollards
  • cattle grids
  • drains/gully's
  • fences/barriers
  • flooding
  • kerbs
  • manhole covers
  • other surface problems
  • overgrown tree/grass/vegetation
  • potholes
  • road markings/cat's eyes
  • road signs (non illuminated)
  • road verges
  • slabs/blocks

Issues we don't manage

We’re responsible for looking after public roads in the Scottish Borders. We don’t deal with issues on:

  • trunk roads
  • private roads
  • roads that aren’t adopted

Find out whether your issue is on one of our public roads or a trunk road.

If your issue is on a trunk road, please report it to BEAR Scotland.

Dangerous road and pavement faults

Don't report online if the issue is an immediate and critical hazard to road users, for example:

  • major debris and spillages
  • a road or pavement collapse or other similar surface defects
  • isolated standing water which could cause loss of control of a vehicle
  • missing or seriously defective ironwork

Instead, check our opening times and call the most appropriate number:

  • Customer Advice and Support: 0300 100 1800
  • emergency out of hours: 01896 752111

What happens next?

To help us decide how quickly we need to take action various factors are considered, such as:

  • risk to public safety
  • size and depth of the pothole
  • type, speed and volume of traffic on the road
  • road alignment and visibility
  • position of the damage

Once our investigation is complete, we’ll let you know what the next steps are if you logged into MyScotBorders or provided an email when you made your report.

Report a pothole or other road and pavement issue online Privacy notice - roads