Road signs

Speed indicator signs

Police Scotland enforce speed limits. If you have concerns about vehicles exceeding the sign posted speed limit you can contact Police Scotland online or call them on 101.

Assessing the need for speed indicator signs

We generally reserve speed indicator signs for locations where we know speeds are a particularly excessive problem, and an exceptional case can be put forward. This is because:

  • the impact on driver speeds becomes diluted the more speed indicator signs are put up
  • the signs often don’t have the impact on driver speeds that communities anticipate, particularly in the longer term and where drivers regularly use the same road
  • the equipment doesn’t have great longevity, requiring regular maintenance/replacement

We also have a responsibility to ensure consistency on the road network and must address sites based on established speeding issues.

Requesting speed reducing measures

If speeding has been identified as a problem by a traffic speed survey or through Police Scotland, communities can ask request additional speed reducing measures through their Community Council or local Councillor: