Water and Waste Water

Council Tax water and waste water

Council Tax bills include charges made by Scottish Water for water and waste water services. We are required by law to collect these charges on behalf of Scottish Water.

The charges for water and waste water are set each year by Scottish Water and are subject to scrutiny by the Water Industry Commissioner for Scotland and the Scottish Government. 

Exemptions and discounts

If you receive exemption from the Council Tax charge you will also be exempt for the water and waste water charges on your property for the corresponding period. 

If you receive a 25 per cent discount for being the only adult living in the property or for being classed as a disregarded person you will receive the same level of discount from your water and waste water charges. Other types of discount or increased charges do not affect the level of water and waste water charged.

Water and waste water reduction

Households with two or more adults that receive Council Tax Reduction and not already receiving a discount, qualify for a reduction in water and waste water charge. The level of reduction is directly linked to entitlement to Council Tax Reduction up to a maximum reduction of 25 per cent. Only full entitlement to Council Tax Reduction attracts the full 25 per cent reduction from the water and waste water charge. This reduction is automatic and no application is necessary.