Financial Information

Where does the money come from and how do we spend it?

Council Tax and Business Rates contribute 32% of our total budget with the balance from government grants (figures in brackets show the change from 2020-21).

  • Gross Expenditure - £378.4m
  • Less fees, etc. - (£63.7) 
  • Net expenditure - £314.7m         

  • Government Grants - £213.1m (+£17.1m/+8.7%)
  • Council Tax - £66.4m (+£0.1m/+0.2%)
  • Business Rates - £33.6m (-£1.9m/-5.4%) 
  • Reserves/Adjustments - £1.6m (+1.6m/+100.0%)

         Total - £314.7m (+£16.9m/+5.7%)     

  • Young People Engagement and Inclusion -  £110.7m (-£12.1m/-9.9%)
  • Health and Social Care - £80.3m (+£17.6m/+28.1%)
  • Asset and Infrastructure - £42.8m (+£0.6m/+1.4%)
  • Finance and Regulatory Services - £35.7m (-£0.1m/-0.3%)
  • Customer and Communities - £21.1m (+£1.4m/+7.1%)
  • COVID-19 - £7.3m (+7.3m/+100%)
  • Human Resources - £6.5m (+£0.5m/+8.3%)
  • Culture and Sport - £5.5m (-£0.1m/-1.8%)
  • Corporate Improvement and Economy - £4.8m (+£1.8m/+60%)

Asset and Infrastructure

  • waste services
  • roads
  • parks and open spaces
  • property and estates
  • catering and cleaning
  • fleet
  • passenger transport

Customer and Communities

  • assessors
  • customer advice and support service
  • welfare benefits provision
  • business support and democratic services
  • registrars
  • homelessness
  • community engagement
  • localities funding

Finance and Regulators Services

  • protective services
  • finance
  • IT
  • procurement
  • legal
  • loans charges to finance capital expenditure
  • bad debt provision
  • recharge to the non general fund

Economic Development and Corporate Services

  • planning
  • built and natural heritage
  • commercial rent income

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Comparison with Government Provision for Planned Spending

The Scottish Government calculated its financial support for us based on an estimated figure per Band D dwelling of £4,909. We estimate that we need to spend £5,939 per dwelling in order to provide quality services.

Our Capital Investment Programme

Over the next 10 years, £580.1m will be spent to make sure our portfolio of land, buildings and other assets are used as effectively as possible to support our service delivery. This includes investing in infrastructure such as roads, schools, flood protection works, communities and regeneration. Of the £580.1m, £157.5m is from specific Scottish Government grants (including specific and general), £258.1m is from borrowing and £128.6m is from external funders such as, Heritage Lottery Fund.

  • investment in schools - £198.2m
  • regeneration projects (including Borderlands £94m) - £115.8m
  • roads and transport Infrastructure - £80.4m
  • floods and coastal protection - £64.6m
  • land and property - £56.8m
  • other* - £33.1m
  • plant and vehicle replacement - £20m
  • sports and culture - £10.4m
  • waste management - £0.8m

*includes ICT transformation, Housing adaptations and emergency/unplanned schemes.

Our Staff

43% of our budget is spent on staff (-2%)

Staff numbers 2020-21 2021-22
Teaching* 1,065.5 1,075.4**
Staff 3,139.6 3,191.8

*all registered teachers in our Nurseries, Primary and Secondary Schools.

**includes 12.6 FTE COVID-19 teachers.