Road signs

Horse warning signs

We use horse warning road signs to alert drivers that there is a chance they may meet a horse on the road they are travelling on.

Locations of horse warning road signs

As the Scottish Borders is a rural area, an encounter with the occasional horse is not an unusual occurrence. Horse warning road signs should only be used in circumstances where an exceptionally large number of horse movements occur. 

We reserve warning signs for areas surrounding riding schools or large livery yards. 

To request horse warning signs near a riding school or livery, contact the Road Safety team with the location of the school/yard and details of typical equestrian movements in the vicinity.

Rider responsibilities

It is the responsibility of the rider to decide whether or not a road is safe enough to travel on. If you feel there is a danger you should reconsider your route. 

You should also take responsibility by clothing yourelf and your horse in highly visible colours or LED lights so you are easily spotted by drivers.