Road signs

Brown tourist signs

We are only permitted to provide brown tourist signs for businesses that have signed up to Visit Scotland’s quality assurance scheme.  

Applying for a brown tourist sign

Accredited members will be sent a letter from Visit Scotland confirming their eligibility to apply for brown tourist signs displaying the blue thistle symbol.

This letter must be forwarded to our Road Safety team before an application for signs can be processed.

Once the letter of accreditation has been received, a discussion will then take place on potential sign designs and locations.

  • we will normally visit your premises to determine any possible site specific restrictions
  • signs can only be provided from the nearest A class road
  • brown tourist signs are for providing directions to people already aware of your tourist attraction and not meant as any kind of advertising

Brown tourist sign on trunk roads

If the nearest A class road is a trunk road then the design proposals must be submitted to Transport Scotland for approval.

This includes filling in an application form to be submitted alongside the proposed sign designs. Depending on the feedback received, some alterations may be required before approval is granted.

Ordering a brown tourist sign

Once the design has been finalised, we will send out acceptance and an estimated cost for us to carry out the agreed works.

Sign and return the agreement slip before ordering the signs.

An invoice will be sent out once the work is complete.

Please note that any costs for sign replacement due to damage or normal wear and tear is your responsibility, and we will remove the signs should your membership of the Visit Scotland quality assurance scheme cease.