Trunk roads

Trunk roadworks alert system

A trunk roadworks alert system has been launched by Amey which you can now sign up to.

Certain major roads in the Scottish Borders known as trunk roads are not our responsibility. These include:

  • A1 over its entire length
  • A7 from Mosspaul (boundary with Dumfries and Galloway) to Kingsknowes roundabout, Galashiels
  • A68 from Carter Bar to north of Soutra Hill (boundary with Midlothian)
  • A6091 Kingsnowes roundabout to Leaderfoot roundabout (Melrose Bypass)
  • A702 Dolphinton to Carlops

Urban streets which are part of trunk roads

There are some urban streets which connect to trunk roads in the Scottish Borders that are also classed as part of the trunk road network.

The A7 trunk road also includes the following urban streets:

  • Hawick: Buccleuch Street, Sandbed roundabout, Albert Bridge, Commercial Road, Wilton Hill
  • Selkirk: Ladylands, Tower Street, Market Place, Ettrick Terrace

The A68 trunk road also includes the following urban streets:

  • Jedburgh: Dolphinston junction to Riverside rugby ground
  • Earlston: petrol station to Carolside
  • Lauder: Main Street

The A702 Dolphinton to Carlops trunk road also includes the following urban streets:

  • West Linton: Biggar/Edinburgh Road (sometimes called the "top road")
  • Carlops: Biggar Road

Trunk road maintenance

Trunk roads are not our responsibility and any of our workmen or vehicles seen operating on the trunk roads are under contract to Amey.

Transport Scotland is responsible for trunk roads and queries should be made to their operating company Amey.