Road works and closures

Planned closures

If you need any additional information or wish to be contacted by an officer involved in the planning and coordination of these works, please get in touch by emailing:


D172/6 Harehead, near Cranshaws

  • road closed from October 2020 for safety reasons until April 2022
  • diversion via D172/6, B6355 and D173/6

Beanburn, Ayton from High Street to Ashgrove

  • resurfacing works
  • road closure 1-5 November 2021 from 9am-3.30pm each day
  • alternative route:
    • vehicles under 15'9" via B6355, D111/6 and D112/6
    • vehicles over 15'8" via C129, A1, B6438,C112 and D112/6
  • download a map of the Beanburn closure


Pedestrian Footbridge, Abbotsview Drive to Boleside Road, Galashiels

  • footbridge closure for safety reasons
  • closure from 30 August 2021 for six months
  • alternative route via Abbotsview Drive, Kingsknowes Drive, A7, D24-2 Netherbarns Road and Boleside Road
  • download a map of the bridge closure

B6394 High Cross Avenue, Melrose

  • resurfacing works
  • road closure 18-22 October from 9am-5pm each day
  • alternative route via Abbotsford Road, Waverley Road and High Cross Avenue
  • parking will be prohibited on High Cross Avenue for the duration of the closure
  • download a map of the B6394 closure


Mill Wynd, Kelso from number 4-5

  • carriageway repairs
  • road closure:
    • 29 October 2021 from 1pm-8pm
    • 30 October 2021 from 9am-1pm
  • alternative route:
  • westbound via Mill Wynd, The Square, Roxburgh Street, Duns Wynd and Peat Wynd
  • eastbound via Peat Wynd and Duns Wynd
  • no alternative route for vehicles over 25T
  • download a map of the Mill Wynd closure