Road signs

Unauthorised advertising signs and banners

We can only erect traffic signs, or give permission to erect them, within the road boundary under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984. This generally includes any footpaths or verges adjacent to the road and normally extends as far as any adjoining fence/wall line.

Only signs that have been prescribed by regulation or authorised by Scottish Ministers can be used, or permitted to be used, within the road boundary.

Commercial advertising requests

Commercial companies who want to advertise need to go through the formal planning process for advertising consent.

We suggest that companies or event organisers consider alternative advertising methods, such as:

  • local newspapers
  • local radio
  • social media

Find out more about unauthorised banners, including details on permitted areas within Galashiels. 

Authorised signs

The only banners and signs that are allowed are for not-for-profit, charity and community events.  Signs should be:

  • placed in a suitable location
  • not causing a safety hazard due to driver distraction
  • erected no more than a week in advance

If you meet the above criteria, no permission is needed to display the sign, however, if you don’t meet the above criteria your sign may be removed.

You can also find information about signs and banners in Galashiels.

Unauthorised signs

Unauthorised signs includes any signs, advertising banners, etc. that have been placed within the road boundary without our permission. They may be removed as they can cause a number of problems, such as:

  • blocking the road/footway
  • obstructing visibility
  • distracting road users
  • devaluing authorised/prescribed signs

Removal of unauthorised signs

Any other advertising banners or signs on railings, bridges, verges and road sides will be removed and held at Council Headquarters. You’ll have 14 days to collect it, and after this time it will be recycled.

Complete our online form to arrange collection of a sign or banner that’s been removed.