Register for an account

Registering for a MyScotBorders account is quick and easy.

To register you will need an email address and you will be asked for some basic personal details.

Registering for MyScotBorders will direct you to the Scottish Government's mygovscot myaccount service. It checks who you are and allows you to use a single account to access a range of Scottish public services online. You can find more information from the Improvement Service website.

Verifying your account

You will receive an email from the mygovscot myaccount service asking you to verify your email address.

Once you've followed the link in the email and the on screen instructions, you're all set to make the most of your MyScotBorders account.

If you don't receive a verification email, check your junk or spam email folders.

Problems registering or signing in

Visit myaccount frequently asked questions.

If you still have a problem registering or signing in please visit myaccount help.

If you're having issues logging in, please don’t delete your MyScotBorders account as you are unable to create a new account using the same email address within a 30 day period.