Public Liability Insurance Claims

Public Liability Insurance claims

If you've suffered injury or loss or damage to your property which you feel is our responsibility, you can submit a public liability claim to recover your losses or expenses.

Public liability claims will only be paid where it can be shown that we've failed in our legal duty and this has resulted in the injury, loss or damage.

Making a claim

The first step to making a claim is to request a notice of incident form.

What happens next

Once you've sent us your completed notice of incident form, it'll be passed to the relevant department (eg Roads, Waste Services) to prepare the necessary reports and information required.

They'll make every effort to prepare these as quickly as possible, however this can sometimes take a bit of time depending on the complexity of the case.

Once everything is prepared, all the documentation is sent to our Insurance Team to log, and sent to our insurers to begin their investigation. The insurers will write to you to advise that they've received your claim.

Our insurers

Our Public Liability Insurers are:

Zurich Municipal, Glasgow Casualty Claims, POB 3318, Interface Business Park, Swindon, SN4 8XR

How they make their decision

A Zurich Municipal claims handler will decide if they feel we’re legally liable to meet your claim based on your original claim and all the information we sent them.

They make the decision based on how they feel a Court would decide the case if it was presented with the same information. Claims are only paid where it can be shown we failed in our legal duty, which resulted in your injury, loss or damage to property.

To ensure claims are handled fairly and independently we have no input into Zurich Municipal’s decision-making process

How long the process takes

While some claims are determined quickly, others may take longer depending on the circumstances of the claim and the information required.

Zurich Municipal’s claims handlers make every effort to reach their decision as quickly as possible, however sometimes further information may be needed from you or us before they can reach a decision. Once they're satisfied that a decision can be made, they'll write to you to inform you.

Successful claims

Zurich Municipal will contact you to discuss the settlement of your claim and come to an agreement on the figure.

They may need further information from you, such as estimates or invoices, medical records if you have suffered an injury, or wages details if you've lost income.

Unsuccessful claims

Zurich Municipal will advise you in writing that your claim was unsuccessful, and provide details on why they reached that decision.

If you're still unsure as to how this decision was reached you can ask them to provide a more detailed explanation.

Appealing unsuccessful claims

You can appeal an unsuccessful claim, however Zurich Municipal will only reconsider a decision on a claim if you can provide further information that's relevant to the incident that they haven't previously been made aware of.

If you're still not satisfied you have the right to seek your own independent legal advice or contact Citizens Advice Scotland.

Can the Council overturn the decision?

We can't comment on or reverse any decision on liability made by Zurich Municipal, we can only provide them with information to reach a decision.

Complaints about the claim handler

If you're unhappy with the service provided by the Zurich Municipal Claims Handler who dealt with your claim, you can submit a complaint to the Claims Manager at Zurich Municipal.  Their contact details are above. 

Complaints about the decision

If you're unhappy about the outcome of your claim you can find information about how to appeal above.

Other complaints

If you're not happy about the way your complaint has been handled, find information how to make a complaint.

Citizens Advice Scotland

If you need help to make a claim Citizens Advice Scotland  can help.

Customer Advice and Support Service

Address: Council Headquarters
Newtown St. Boswells

Telephone: 0300 100 1800