Register for an account

How to register for a MyScotBorders account

  • select the MyScotBorders button at the top of any page
  • after providing your personal email address you'll receive a link to the registration form 
  • the registration form requires your first name, last name and postal address

Once signed into your MyScotBorders account you'll be able to request and track services.

Please note, if you are unable to find your address when registering, you won’t be able register for a MyScotBorders account at this time. The address search is updated on a regular basis so we would recommend retrying at a later date.

How to register to see my Council Tax online

You will need a MyScotBorders account before you can view your Council Tax online.

Once you have signed into your MyScotBorders account click on View Council Tax.  You will need to select the option to register to use additional Council Tax services to link your MyScotBorders account to your Council Tax account. 

Why does it say my details are incorrect when trying to register for my Council Tax account? 

To keep your information secure, the information provided during the registration process must match the information we hold in our Council Tax system. 

First and Last names 

This must match with how your name appears on your Council Tax bill. If you have used an abbreviated name, try using your full name. 

Additionally, if you have changed your name legally but you have not yet notified the Council Tax department, your name will need to be entered as it currently appears on your bill. Please contact us at with proof of your name change to allow us to update this.

Council tax account number  

Your account number will be shown on your Council Tax bill you have received. It will also be shown on any letters you have received from us with regards to your current Council Tax account. If you pay by Direct Debit, your account number will be shown in the payment reference.

Check that your Council Tax account number matches that of your most recent bill, and that there are no spaces. Your only need to enter the first 8 digits of your Council Tax account number. If you are unable to find your account number, you can Contact Us. You will need to answer security questions about your account before any details can be provided.

Online reference number 

Your online reference is 10 characters long and can be a mixture of both letters and numbers.

Your online reference number is shown on your annual Council Tax bill, above your account reference. Annual bills are sent around mid-March each year. If you no longer have your annual bill and require your online reference to register, please complete our online form to request this.


The postcode must include the space. For example, the postcode for Council Headquarters would be entered as TD6 0AS.

If you are unsure, check how this appears on your bill.

Locked out of account

If you are locked out due to the maximum amount of log in attempts, you will be able to re-try after 30 minutes.

Problems registering

Submit an account enquiry and we'll investigate the issue and get back to you as soon as possible.


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