Online meetings

Guide for public access to online Council meetings

Online access is available to view our committee meetings.

Online and hybrid meetings take place using Microsoft Teams and a broadcast can be viewed through this platform. Please note that whilst the free Microsoft Teams application (app) is not essential we strongly advise that members of the public download this to ensure the best viewing experience.

Please note there is a short delay of around 30s on the broadcast and there may also short delays as presentations load on the screen.

Where a meeting is adjourned for any reason the Chairman will announce this, and the reasons for the adjournment, and the broadcast will be paused and resume immediately prior to the meeting formally recommencing.

Please note that should you leave the Teams app or open another window on your device during the broadcast this may pause the broadcast on your device or require you to click back through the meeting link to resume.


How do I gain access to the meeting?

A link to meetings will be provided along with the meeting agenda and papers on our website.

You may be prompted to download the Microsoft Teams app at this point. It is free and is recommended to provide the best viewing experience. An option will be available to view through a desktop application which does not require any download.

When Microsoft Teams opens you may be asked to sign in. There should also be an option to ‘Join as Guest’ which you should select.

The live broadcast will commence immediately before the meeting is formally started. Please note that in some instances this may be a few minutes after the scheduled start time.

Can I ask a question at the meeting?

No, members of the public and press are only able to view the proceedings, as they would in normal circumstances.

Do I need to switch off my microphone or web cam?

No, the link to view the meeting does not allow any incoming audio or video.

Who will appear on the screen?

Members and officers with their cameras switched on will appear on the screen. Presentations by officers will appear full screen.

Why is the Council using Microsoft Teams?

We already use this technology and therefore officers and Elected Members are familiar with it. It also offers free public access and the functionality to broadcast to the public.

Are recordings available?

Yes, proceedings can be viewed for up to 180 days following the date of the meeting.