Organisation accounts

If you run a business, organisation or community group you can create an organisation account to self-serve a range of services making it easier and more convenient to request, apply, pay for and track service requests for your business or organisation.

Creating an organisation account

All you need to do is sign in or register for a MyScotBorders account and you'll then be able to create an organisation account.

You can link your organisation account to your personal MyScotBorders account, however, we would recommend creating a separate MyScotBorders account with your work or business email.

How the account works

When you create an organisation account, you're automatically given full administration control.  

You'll be able to invite other people to raise cases with us for the business or organisation, and you'll also decide what levels of permissions they have.  Anyone you invite will also need to have a MyScotBorders account to join your organisation account.

Anyone with full administration permissions will see all cases across the organisation, but anyone with the basic permissions will only see the cases they've created for you.