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Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Fund

Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Fund (05 January 2022 – 30 April 2022)

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Fund was a one-off fund established to enable non-profit making community and voluntary groups, schools and churches within the Scottish Borders whose project or activity was for the benefit of the wider community, to apply for grant funding to take part in celebratory events/community and legacy projects to mark the late Queen’s Platinum Jubilee weekend.

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Fund was open for applications from 05 January 2022 until 30 April 2022 and approximately £164k was awarded to 114 groups. Please see further detail on successful grant awards below.

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Locality Group Name Grant Amount Project
Berwickshire A Heart For Duns £2,500.00 Town square celebration
Berwickshire Abbey St. Bathans, Bonkyl and Preston Community Council £1,295.85 Jubilee strawberry tea
Berwickshire Abundant Borders  £967.96 Jubilee picnic
Berwickshire Allotments 4 Chirnside  £1,200.00 Allotment shed
Berwickshire Ayton and District Bowling Club £646.00 Bowls competition
Berwickshire BAVS  £2,500.00 Volunteering high tea
Berwickshire Berwickshire High School £2,437.80 Jubilee garden and wooden statue
Berwickshire Birgham Community Development Trust £800.00 Village fete
Berwickshire Burnmouth Community Council  £1,845.00 Burnmouth street party
Berwickshire Chirnside Common Good Association  £1,500.00 Stone, plaque, tree and picnic
Berwickshire Coldingham Society  £2,357.58 Jubilee weekend celebration
Berwickshire Duns Rotary £1,268.00 Town square celebration
Berwickshire Duns Senior Citizens Club  £750.00 Afternoon tea
Berwickshire Duns Summer Festival £1,900.00 Jubilee celebration event
Berwickshire Eyemouth and District Community Trust  £1,320.00 High tea – The Splash Project
Berwickshire Eyemouth and District Rotary Club  £600.00 Tree planting
Berwickshire Eyemouth Primary School £2,116.72 Community afternoon tea
Berwickshire Foulden, Mordington and Lamberton Community Council  £1,450.00 Community picnic and tree planting
Berwickshire Interest Link Borders  £540.52 Garden party/Gala day
Berwickshire Outside the Box £1,208.00 Jubilee lunch
Berwickshire Paxton Village Hall  £855.71 Tree, plaque and celebration
Berwickshire Reston and Auchencrow Community Council  £1,013.46 Celebratory weekend
Berwickshire Reston Village Hall £1,280.00 Tea party
Berwickshire Royal British Legion (Coldstream) £1,300.00 Day of celebration
Berwickshire St. Abbs Community Council £2,040.00 Stone village sign
Berwickshire Swinton Village Events  £715.00 Village party on the green
Cheviot Ability Borders  £531.18 Community wellness garden
Cheviot Ancrum Fete Committee  £1,450.00 Village fete
Cheviot Ancrum Village Hall  £2,430.00 Commemorative bench
Cheviot Borders Ice Rink Club £500.00 Jubilee curling competition
Cheviot Eckford Village Hall £707.57 Free community lunch
Cheviot Ednam Together £1,395.00 Afternoon tea
Cheviot Hownam Village Hall  £800.00 Hog roast
Cheviot Kalewater Community Council  £1,388.46 Commemorative bench
Cheviot Kelso Community Council  £2,500.00 Kelso town square coronation
Cheviot Kelso High School  £1,740.00 Activities day and picnic
Cheviot Kelso Laddies Association   £350.00 Bunting – town square celebration
Cheviot Kelso Scout Group  £1,135.00  Kelso town square coronation
Cheviot Kelso Writers Club  £549.00 Writing competition
Cheviot Live Learn Earn  £1,900.00 Skate park sculpture and plaque
Cheviot Maxton 21 £120.00 Hall bunting
Cheviot Morebattle Primary School  £432.20 Communal school garden
Cheviot Oxnam Village Hall £780.00 Hog roast
Cheviot QME Care £1,930.00 Car park party
Cheviot Roxburgh Village Hall  £2,238.25 Garden clearance and party
Cheviot Sprouston Community Council  £2,170.00 Community garden seated area
Cheviot St. Boswells Village Hall  £2,500.00 Commemorative light
Cheviot St. Boswells Village Week Committee £1,560.00 Community jubilee picnic
Cheviot St. John's Episcopal Church £1,992.00 Free farm event
Cheviot Stichill Village Hall  £1,259.00 Event, tree planting and bench
Cheviot Visit Kelso £2,500.00 Kelso town square coronation
Cheviot Yetholm Community Council Festival Committee £2,491.92 Jubilee tea party
Eildon A Greener Melrose £1,363.91 Mini gardens, party and pond
Eildon Ashkirk Village Hall £1,803.52 Jubilee village fete and concert
Eildon Bird Gardens Scotland £2,500.00 Red grouse breeding facility
Eildon Borders Carers  £1,597.00 Afternoon tea
Eildon Boston Memorial Hall £434.78 Community fun day and BBQ
Eildon Brighter Blainslie £2,500.00 Events, bench and plaque
Eildon Channelkirk Primary School Parent Council  £2,500.00 School wall mosaic
Eildon Cornerstone Community Care  £1,450.00 Garden party
Eildon Currie Memorial Hall £2,196.00 Community garden space
Eildon Darnick Village Development Trust £1,626.60 Library and picnic
Eildon Earlston Community Council £1,718.07 Commemorative sundial
Eildon Earlston Paths Group  £2,500.00 Commemorative bench
Eildon Earlston Wednesday Club £675.00 Members afternoon tea
Eildon Ettrick and Yarrow Community Council £515.00 Family picnic
Eildon Fountainhall Village Hall Committee  £659.55 Afternoon tea
Eildon Gala Scouts Group £1,520.00 Storytelling event and history trail
Eildon Galashiels Men's Shed £2,500.00 Trees and party
Eildon Knowepark Primary School £2,500.00 Jubilee garden
Eildon Langlee Community Association £2,500.00 Community garden and open day
Eildon Langlee Primary School  £2,152.18 Jubilee garden
Eildon Lauderdale Path Network £668.20 Reflection area
Eildon Melrose Scout Group  £1,452.03 Scout camp for members
Eildon Midlem Village Hall £1,669.00 Hog roast and table tennis table
Eildon Newstead Village Community Trust £1,207.27 Picnic, gazebos and games
Eildon Newtown Jubilee Volunteer Group  £679.71 Coffee morning
Eildon Oxton and Channelkirk Community Council £800.00 Street party
Eildon Scott's Selkirk £850.00 Picnic boxes and rose bushes
Eildon Selkirk Community Council £1,450.00 Selkirk jubilee garden
Eildon Selkirk Cricket Club  £2,377.07 Cricket match and benches
Eildon Selkirk Guiding £390.10 Jubilee picnic
Eildon South Garden Tenants Organisation  £250.00 Garden party
Teviot and Liddesdale Burnfoot Community Council  £2,500.00 Community party
Teviot and Liddesdale Burnfoot Community Futures £1,645.00 Community jubilee picnic
Teviot and Liddesdale Denholm and District Community Council  £2,500.00 Picnic, tree planting and bench
Teviot and Liddesdale Girlguiding Scottish Borders  £2,500.00 Beacon lighting event
Teviot and Liddesdale Hawick Belles  £958.49 Cycling festival
Teviot and Liddesdale Hawick Community Council £1,659.87 Street party
Teviot and Liddesdale Hawick Ex-Service Association £2,500.00 Wilton park benches and trees
Teviot and Liddesdale Hawick Rainbows £569.00 Street party
Teviot and Liddesdale Hawick Rotary Club  £904.50 Tree planting
Teviot and Liddesdale Hawick Senior Citizens Association £375.00 Community lunch
Teviot and Liddesdale Hawick Veterans Breakfast Club £1,500.00 Veterans breakfast
Teviot and Liddesdale Hobkirk Community Council £1,100.00 Town square celebration
Teviot and Liddesdale In2venture £1,300.00 Jubilee party and outdoor activities
Teviot and Liddesdale Newcastleton and District Community Council  £1,785.00 Tree planting and paths work
Teviot and Liddesdale Roberton Forman Hall  £1,575.96 Picnic benches
Teviot and Liddesdale Southdean Village Hall £2,399.00 Village garden party and hog roast
Tweeddale Teviothead Hall £500.00 BBQ and bushes
Tweeddale Trinity Primary School Parent Council £500.00 Ice cream van
Tweeddale Caddonfoot Village Hall £900.00 Community ceilidh
Tweeddale Carlops Village Group  £1,803.14 Community garden
Tweeddale Clovenfords Community Council  £638.00 Stage and game hire and bunting
Tweeddale Greener Peebles  £1,150.00 Tree planting and celebration
Tweeddale Innerleithen Community Trust £610.00 Badges
Tweeddale Peebles Old Parish Church  £1,232.00 Crafting class for older residents
Tweeddale Skirling Community Council £1,549.00 Village party
Tweeddale St. Ronan’s Bowling Club £532.00 Community open day
Tweeddale St. Ronan's Silver Band £2,500.00 Garden party
Tweeddale The Food Foundation  £525.00 Afternoon tea
Tweeddale Tweeddale Youth Action £2,366.00 Celebration for centre purchase
Tweeddale Tweedsmuir Community Company £1,045.61 Community fruit orchard
Tweeddale Upper Tweed Community Council £1,706.98 Village party on the green
Total   £164,091.72