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Community Fund 2021/22

Community Fund 2021/22 (01 April 2021 – 31 March 2022)

The Community Fund provided support to voluntary and community groups that were active within their communities, and assisted communities or interest groups with the development of community based projects. The scheme was provided and divided up between each of the five Area Partnerships (Berwickshire, Cheviot, Eildon, Teviot and Liddesdale and Tweeddale).

The Community Fund was an application based funding scheme based on need and was created to mainly fund defined projects but was able to provide one-off support grants to help sustain groups themselves if necessary.

The 2021/22 Community Fund was open for applications from 01 April 2021 until 31 March 2022 and approximately £274k was awarded to 88 groups. Please see further detail on successful grant awards below.

Locality Group Name Grant Amount Project
Berwickshire A Heart For Duns £5,000.00 Volunteer hall community inclusion
Berwickshire Abundant Borders  £2,448.00 Community tree nursery
Berwickshire Allanton Village Hall £3,150.00 Repair damaged tree
Berwickshire Berwickshire Association for Voluntary Service £4,122.00 Community e-bikes
Berwickshire Berwickshire Marine Reserve £4,990.05 Lobster hatchery and education centre
Berwickshire Berwickshire Youth Piping and Drumming Foundation  £5,000.00 School tuition and equipment
Berwickshire Borders Talking Newspaper  £4,857.00 Running costs
Berwickshire Cockburnspath Allotment Association  £5,000.00 Garden and allotment developer
Berwickshire Connect Berwickshire Youth Project £2,000.00 Salary costs - youth service delivery
Berwickshire Duns Players £5,000.00 Duns PlayFest 2022
Berwickshire Duns Tennis Club  £2,000.00 Tennis court respraying
Berwickshire Horse Time SCIO  £4,500.00 Individual therapy
Berwickshire Horse Time SCIO  £4,500.00 Resilience regulation workshop
Berwickshire Reston Concert Band  £2,072.74 Hall hire, music equipment and printer
Cheviot Borders Talking Newspaper £893.25 USB player kit
Cheviot Broomlands Primary School Parent Council £2,500.00 Playground
Cheviot Crailing, Eckford and Nisbet Community Council £1,026.00 Repainting of phone boxes
Cheviot Jed Lunch Club £500.00 Lunch club
Cheviot Jedburgh Community Trust £1,798.20 Capon tree preservation works
Cheviot Kalewater Community Company £2,030.00 Legal fees for land acquisition
Cheviot Kelso Orchard Tennis Club £2,500.00 Clubhouse rennovation project
Cheviot Live Learn Earn £2,340.00 Workshops with young people
Cheviot Makerstoun Village Hall £220.00 Replacement defibrillator pads
Cheviot Morebattle Institute £2,500.00 Roof repairs
Cheviot QME Care £1,800.00 Digital inclusion and activities project
Cheviot Sprouston Community Council £366.00 Noticeboard
Cheviot St. Boswells Parish Community Council £1,928.00 Village centre enhancements
Cheviot St. Boswells SWI £430.00 Running costs
Cheviot Tweed Valley Railway £2,500.00 Community engagement costs
Cheviot Well Road Productions £2,500.00 Music publication
Cheviot Yetholm History Society £416.00 Signage
Eildon Beyond Earlston £12,460.00 "BE Active” staff costs
Eildon Bird Gardens Scotland  £3,564.00 10 x picnic tables
Eildon Borders Talking Newspaper £4,000.00 Running costs
Eildon Brighter Blainslie £4,598.12 Greenspace in Blainslie
Eildon Energise Galashiels £1,450.00 Electric Bike
Eildon Friends of Yarrow (Yarrow School PTA) £2,078.38 Fencing-off path for Yarrow schoolkids
Eildon Galashiels Academy Pupil Council  £4,458.54 Videography equipment
Eildon Lilliesleaf Community Development Ltd  £1,500.00 Village green development
Eildon Melrose and District Community Council £1,500.00 Christmas lights
Eildon Melrose Football Club  £1,500.00 Football kit upgrade
Eildon Melrose RFC £4,000.00 Consultancy fees
Eildon Newstead Village Community Trust £900.00 Land valuation of village green
Eildon Oxton and Channelkirk Community Council  £1,400.00 Tractor repair
Eildon Oxton War Memorial Hall Committee £30,000.00 Build new village hub
Eildon Scott's Selkirk £2,500.00 5 x gazebos
Eildon Selkirk Play Park  £571.25 Seesaw replacement
Eildon Selkirk Silver Band £2,198.44 Digitalisation of sheet music
Eildon St. Mary's Loch Sailing Club  £15,000.00 Boat and trailer
Eildon St. Peter's Parent Council £2,718.00 Breakfast club salaries and materials
Eildon The Lavender Touch  £1,579.79 Shop/hub refurbishment
Eildon Trustees of Bowden Common £896.48 New shed doors and football nets
Eildon Tweedbank Guides £600.00 Local day event
Teviot and Liddesdale Copshaw Gardeners £1,413.60 Planters
Teviot and Liddesdale Denholm Community Council  £1,000.00 Emergency boxes
Teviot and Liddesdale Escape £4,990.36 Hall repairs
Teviot and Liddesdale Hawick Community Council £1,915.45 2 x gazebos
Teviot and Liddesdale Hawick Reivers Festival £5,000.00 Festival costs
Teviot and Liddesdale Hawick Rugby  £4,200.00 Mini rugby
Teviot and Liddesdale Hawick Saxhorn Band  £420.00 Musical instruments
Teviot and Liddesdale Hawick Youth Rugby £936.00 First aid equipment
Teviot and Liddesdale Hornshole Greenway Development Group £2,300.00 Running costs/engineer study
Teviot and Liddesdale Newcastleton Community Development Trust  £1,000.00 Sand bag and storage
Teviot and Liddesdale Southdean Hall £2,159.52 Media equipment
Teviot and Liddesdale Southdean Hall  £239.00 Emergency items
Teviot and Liddesdale Survivors Unite  £5,000.00 Running costs
Teviot and Liddesdale Town of a Thousand Trails  £1,434.83 Website drop-ins
Teviot and Liddesdale Wilton Park and Tennis Club £4,000.00 Tennis sessions
Tweeddale Innerleithen Lawn Tennis Club £7,500.00 Court construction and practice wall
Tweeddale Leithen Rovers £1,820.00 Asbestos removal
Tweeddale Oor Space Youthy £5,500.00 Salary costs, rent and admin costs
Tweeddale Peebles Burgh Silver Band  £3,640.00 Tuition fees and band clothing
Tweeddale Peebles CAN £2,500.00 Staff salaries
Tweeddale Peebles Citizens Advice Bureau £4,000.00 Installation of new phone system
Tweeddale Peebles Community Centre  £5,000.00 Crafting
Tweeddale Peebles Community Trust  £3,000.00 Salary costs, rent and admin costs
Tweeddale Peebles High School £4,000.00 Participatory budgeting
Tweeddale Peebles Old Parish Church £4,320.00 Creativity classes
Tweeddale Peeblesshire Foodbank £5,000.00 Purchase of van
Tweeddale Sustainable West Linton £1,367.00 Beekeeping
Tweeddale Tweeddale Rideability Group £6,300.00 Purchase of horse
Tweeddale Tweedsmuir Village Hall  £1,629.90 Starlink satellite broadband
Tweeddale West Linton Early Learners £1,000.00 Rent and staff salaries
Total   £274,360.04