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Build Back a Better Borders Recovery Fund

Build Back a Better Borders Recovery Fund (01 June 2021 – 31 May 2022)

The Build Back a Better Borders (BBBB) Recovery Fund was a one-off £500k fund established as part of our response and recovery efforts relating to COVID-19. The intention was to provide support for new initiatives, projects or events that would 're-boot' or 'kick start' activities relating to sport, culture, volunteering or tackling environment and climate change issues with the overall aim of strengthening community capacity, resilience and engagement. The fund was also able to provide support to events and projects that recognised the significant contribution made by individuals and groups throughout the pandemic by way of increased volunteer activity and service to their communities.

The fund was available for one-off new initiatives and projects. It was divided between the five localities of Berwickshire, Cheviot, Eildon, Teviot and Liddesdale and Tweeddale on the basis of an 80%/20% split of population and the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation. This was in acknowledgement of research findings that showed that areas with a higher percentage of residents in need were disproportionately impacted by COVID-19. The risk of falling into poverty and extreme poverty is considerably higher for those who are already vulnerable.

The BBBB Recovery Fund was open for applications from 01 June 2021 until 31 May 2022 and approximately £499k was awarded to 77 groups. Please see further detail on successful grant awards below.

Locality Group Name Grant Amount Project
Berwickshire A Heart For Duns £12,678.00 Local events
Berwickshire Berwickshire Marine Reserve  £15,000.00 Salary costs, marketing and materials
Berwickshire Chirnside Football Club £5,000.00 Building warrant
Berwickshire Connect Berwickshire Youth £13,581.00 Youth service and after school work
Berwickshire Duns Tennis Club  £3,000.00 Court upgrade
Berwickshire Eat Sleep Ride £13,493.40 Mental health improvement workshops
Berwickshire Eyemouth and District Community Trust £7,560.00 Salary costs - The Splash project
Berwickshire Eyemouth Enhancement Group £11,200.00 Ride-on mower
Berwickshire One Step Borders £585.00 Volunteer Coordinator salary
Berwickshire Reston Concert Band  £480.00 Hall hire and equipment
Berwickshire Roxburgh and Berwickshire Citizens Advice Bureau  £4,395.60 Salary costs
Cheviot Ancrum Community Council £1,045.00 Ancrum Go Gardening project
Cheviot Archaeology Scotland £8,539.57 Educational summer school
Cheviot Bodyzone Gym £5,362.58 Gym equipment
Cheviot Borders Group RDA  £10,350.00 Coach wages, expenses and volunteer training
Cheviot Cheviot Togs £2,227.50 Clothing bank
Cheviot Cheviot Youth £13,433.40 Refurbishment of base
Cheviot Jed Hearts Here  £2,907.00 Defibrillator cabinets, training materials
Cheviot Jed Thistle RFC £14,989.57 Multi-purpose extension to current premises
Cheviot Jethart Callants £4,776.58 Lampost banners
Cheviot Kelso Orchard Tennis Club  £3,959.00 Clubhouse renovation project
Cheviot Morebattle Community Shop £2,668.00 Volunteer Coordinator salary
Cheviot One Step Borders £585.00 Volunteer Coordinator salary
Cheviot QME Care £6,885.00 Volunteer Coordinator salary and laptops
Cheviot Roxburgh and Berwickshire Citizens Advice Bureau £2,197.80 Salary costs
Eildon Abbotsford Bowling Club £9,793.00 Clubhouse refurbishment and community activities
Eildon The Abbotsford Trust £15,000.00 Mental health pilot project
Eildon Borders Disability Sport £6,544.97 Venue hire, coaching and equipment
Eildon Cafe Recharge £8,070.00 Salary costs, laptop and food hygiene training
Eildon Currie Memorial Hall £1,483.20 Reinstate events (purchase equipment)
Eildon Earlston Tennis Club  £3,023.02 Coaching costs, equipment and advertising
Eildon Ettrick Forest Archers  £6,700.00 Archery equipment and training costs
Eildon Gala Rugby  £4,025.00 Development Officer salary, equipment and travel
Eildon Go Wild Scotland  £4,883.00 Nature trail
Eildon Green Stow £450.00 COP26 weekend events
Eildon Lauder Volleyball Club £1,440.18 Hall hire, equipment and installation
Eildon Melrose Bowling Club  £9,828.00 Lawnmower and community activities
Eildon Melrose Scout Group  £10,921.13 Equipment and membership increase
Eildon Melrose Waverley Tennis Club £8,163.00 Hitting wall and kids coaching sessions
Eildon Newstead Village Community Trust  £12,382.20 Consultation, action and business plan
Eildon One Step Borders  £585.00 Volunteer Coordinator salary
Eildon Riddell Fiddles  £2,160.00 Bannerfield Buskers Woodland composition
Eildon Roxburgh Reivers £5,265.22 Specialist maps, equipment and printing
Eildon Selkirk Baptist Church  £6,270.08 Community garden
Eildon Selkirk Community Council £1,000.00 Greenspace regeneration
Eildon Selkirk Rotary £4,500.00 Celebrating Selkirk project
Eildon Stow Community Trust £15,000.00 Cycle Hub Coordinator salary and training
Eildon TD1 Youth Hub £12,384.00 Salary, free activities, vehicle hire
Eildon Transform Arts £3,762.00 Salary, venue costs and materials
Teviot and Liddesdale Alchemy Film and Arts £15,000.00 “Communities on Film” project costs
Teviot and Liddesdale Burnfoot Community Futures  £14,850.00 Wellbeing services
Teviot and Liddesdale Campaign for a Scottish Borders National Park £12,566.00 Bedrule Heritage project
Teviot and Liddesdale Cheviot Togs £2,722.50 Clothes shop, rent and running costs
Teviot and Liddesdale Future Hawick £14,471.00 Hawick Cycling Festival
Teviot and Liddesdale Hawick Youth Rugby £5,550.00 Youth rugby travel and equipment
Teviot and Liddesdale Hornshole Greenway Development Group  £15,000.00 Professional fees, training, equipment and venue hire
Teviot and Liddesdale One Step Borders £585.00 Volunteer Coordinator salary
Teviot and Liddesdale Riddell Fiddles  £6,120.00 Free tutor sessions and instruments
Teviot and Liddesdale Roxburgh and Berwickshire Citizens Advice Bureau  £4,395.60 Salary costs
Teviot and Liddesdale TD9 Radio £157.88 Mobile audio equipment
Teviot and Liddesdale Upper Liddesdale and Hermitage Community Council  £1,974.00 Defibrillator and equipment
Teviot and Liddesdale Wilton Park and Hawick Tennis Club  £4,240.00 Taster sessions
Tweeddale Food Foundation £1,080.00 Rent costs
Tweeddale Innerleithen, Traquair and Walkerburn Parish Church  £5,560.00 Crafting workshops
Tweeddale Linton Hotspur FC  £1,500.00 Girls football and equipment
Tweeddale One Step Borders £585.00 Volunteer Coordinator salary
Tweeddale Peebles CAN  £900.00 Memorial area in garden
Tweeddale Peebles Citizens Advice Bureau  £13,410.00 Salary, laptops and marketing expenses
Tweeddale Peebles RFC  £9,800.00 Festival of rugby
Tweeddale Peeblesshire Foodbank  £6,750.00 Purchase of a van
Tweeddale PHD FUNdamentals  £14,128.59 Trampoline, equipment and funded spaces
Tweeddale St. Ronan's Bowling Club £12,622.23 Erection of gazebo
Tweeddale St. Ronan's Silver Band  £5,094.00 Free music tuition and replacement windows
Tweeddale The Edible Garden  £2,800.00 Community garden repairs and garden club
Tweeddale Tweedgreen  £1,350.00 Food challenge
Tweeddale Walkerburn Bowling Club £4,365.00 Improve disabled access
Tweeddale West Linton Times  £500.00 Christmas newsletter
Total   £498,608.80