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Localities Bid Fund 2

Localities Bid Fund 2 (January 2019 – February 2019)

The Localities Bid Fund was created to support community projects and initiatives across the Scottish Borders and its aims were to help achieve local priorities and benefit communities. Communities were able to decide on how the £500k should be allocated. Ideas and projects were assessed by local Elected Members and officers and projects that met the assessment criteria were then put forward to a community vote to decide on which should receive funding.

The second round of funding was open for applications from January 2019 until February 2019 and approximately £320k was awarded to 40 groups. Please see further detail on successful grant awards below.

Locality Group Name Grant Amount Project
Berwickshire Connect Youth Berwickshire £7,270.80 Active opportunities during summer
Berwickshire Duns Swimming Pool £9,558.00 Battery operated hoist
Berwickshire Eat Sleep Ride £3,090.00 Horse riding equipment
Berwickshire Friends of Ayton Primary School £9,559.12 Sound and projection system
Berwickshire Health in Mind £5,187.48 Activities via 'Branching Out' project
Berwickshire Sea the Change £13,267.98 Beach wheelchair scheme
Cheviot Ancrum Fete Committee £7,631.92 Two marquees
Cheviot Bright Start Borders £9,006.28 Workshops for young children
Cheviot Jedburgh Community Council £15,000.00 Extension of festival lighting
Cheviot Kelso Football Club £3,330.00 Additional pitch and car park extension
Cheviot Kelso Wheelers £12,000.00 Off-road cycling trails
Cheviot Nisbet Initiative Collective £3,600.00 Churchyard restoration
Eildon Borders Street Pastors £405.00 Technological equipment
Eildon Borders Youth Theatre £4,096.00 Youth drama production
Eildon Energise Galashiels £12,930.00 Purchase of sound system
Eildon Galashiels Community Council £15,000.00 Chrismas lights
Eildon Glendinning Primary School PTA £1,690.01 Playground equipment
Eildon Incorporation of Hammermen £15,000.00 Regeneration of Hammermen Hall
Eildon Interest Link Eildon £6,129.00 Volunteer befriending groups
Eildon Knowepark Primary School PTA £3,231.00 Coding club
Eildon Royal Scottish Country Dance Society £1,872.00 Primary School dance event
Eildon Selkirk Community Council £1,644.30 Fountain repair
Eildon Selkirk Community Football £13,500.00 Development of community football
Eildon Selkirk Regeneration Company £15,000.00 Shop renovation (5 Tower Street)
Eildon Selkirk Silver Band £7,774.99 Band hall facilities upgrade
Eildon Stable Life £15,000.00 Development of indoor riding school
Eildon WorksPlus £5,994.00 Employability drop-in
Teviot and Liddesdale Escape Youth Services £2,430.30 Community lunch project
Teviot and Liddesdale Friends of Drumlanrig Primary School £15,000.00 "Fit For Fun" project
Teviot and Liddesdale Friends of Wilton Park £7,650.00 Trishaw project
Teviot and Liddesdale Town of a Thousand Trails £15,000.00 Website development (Hawick paths)
Tweeddale Eastgate Theatre £3,897.50 Digital audio system for HI and VI patrons
Tweeddale Food Foundation £5,220.00 Community café
Tweeddale Innerleithen and District Community Council £4,315.20 Resources for "Pick Up The Poo" project
Tweeddale Peebles and District Men's Shed £10,821.00 Expansion of Men's Shed activities
Tweeddale Peebles Callants £8,364.22 Ramp access on pathway
Tweeddale Peebles CAN £2,669.00 Composting toilet
Tweeddale St. Ronan's Bowling Club £4,577.20 Clubhouse repairs
Tweeddale St. Ronan's Youth and Community Centre £8,442.08 Edible garden project
Tweeddale Walkerburn Public Hall £13,500.00 Roof repair
Total   £319,654.30