UK Shared Prosperity Fund

The Shared Prosperity Fund (SPF) forms part of the UK Government’s Levelling Up agenda and will commit over £2.6bn funding for local investment across Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland by the end of March 2025. 

The aim of the UK Government SPF is to support the levelling up of all parts of the UK. Its purpose is to boost productivity, pay, jobs and living standards as well as improve public services, restore sense of community and empower communities. More information on the national Shared Prosperity Fund can be found on the UK Government website.

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Local authorities across the UK were given the task of planning and delivering investment within the following four investment priorities:

The UK Government announced in December 2022 that the Scottish Borders had been successful in securing just over £5m for three years to the end of March 2025. 

Local authorities have discretion to deliver SPF through direct award, open grant funding, commissioning, procurement of service provision or in-house provision.

To date, Scottish Borders organisations have benefitted from a total of £1.4m in awards, leaving just over £600k to commit in 2024 in the ‘Community and Place’ or 'People and Skills’ strands.

Expressions of Interest

As part of this investment, you are invited to submit an expression of interest for consideration in relation to the 'Community and Place' and 'People and Skills’ investment strands. 

Organisations who have developed projects fitting any of the following interventions are encouraged to apply:

  • S2 (capital only), S3, S8, S10 or S12 - Community and Place
  • S33 or S34 - People and Skills

If you would like to discuss any potential projects please email .

Examples of suitable projects would be those which support:

  • Development of local towns, villages and communities;
  • Town centre regeneration, including the development of local jobs and businesses;
  • Place making through the development of town and village plans;
  • The promotion of training and skills for all, with an emphasis on green skills and low carbon; and
  • Active travel such as walking and cycling.

The total Community and Place investment is just over £1.9m. Please note funding offered is mainly revenue with a limited amount of capital (£786,000 over the two years).

We are looking for projects in the £20,000+ request range. Your project should be ready to start and have all necessary statutory requirements and match-funding in place. 

If you are interested in putting forward an expression of interest please complete our expression of interest form, and email to

Your submission will be checked to assess whether your project could be suitable for SPF funding - you may be contacted to provide further details if the fit is not clear.

If your project is not considered suitable for SPF you will be advised of other more suitable funding routes or offered assistance with further project development if required.

Decisions on funding will be made by the Director of Resilient Communities and Acting Chief Financial Officer in consultation with the Economic Development Elected Members Reference Group, Convener of the Council and Leader of the Independent Group.  Recommendations for funding will be put forward by the Place Partnership Advisory Group.

Round 5

Deadline for applications – 7 June 2024

Estimated decision date – end July 2024

Successful applications

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