Grant Funding for Community Projects

Grant funding for community projects

If you are a non-profit making voluntary/community group or social enterprise based in the Scottish Borders, we can help you to apply for grant funding to fund your community project.  

Getting started

To be able to apply for grants you should:

  • be a voluntary/community group with a minimum of three members
  • have a group constitution
  • produce independently examined accounts annually (or be able to provide an estimate of income/expenditure for the first 12 months of operation)
  • have a bank account in your group's name

    Projects need to be properly planned and fully costed out before you can apply for grant funding. Download a project plan to help you plan your project.

    Funding we provide

  • Shared Prosperity Fund
  • Local Action Group funding (Community Led Local Development Fund)
  • Place-Based Investment Fund

    External Funding

    External funders provide a significant amount of funding towards community projects in the Scottish Borders area. There are a variety of sources who can offer financial assistance for small or large scale projects. Each funder has its own set priorities and criteria and it is important to investigate which funders are most appropriate for your particular project.

    Links to some of the main funders are listed below but there are also many UK Trusts and Foundations which also offer funding.

  • Funding Scotland
  • Youthlink Scotland
  • Scottish Towns Partnership
  • Foundation Scotland


    Crowdfunding is a relatively new way to raise money for your community project. Funding from grant funders alone can be difficult to raise and crowdfunding works for all ideas whether large or small. 

    Crowdfunding enables small amounts of money to be contributed by a large number of people over the internet.

    You can create your own crowdfunding page giving details of your project, why you want to do it and what you need to make it happen. You can then use social media such as Facebook or more traditional networks to begin to raise funds.   

    Supporters can pledge money or make donations to help you reach your target and you can choose to offer rewards for their support if you choose.

    Feedback and advice and coaching on how to crowdfund will be provided free to anyone getting in contact with Crowdfunder Scotland.

    Help with your application

    We can give you advice and assist with applications to local and lottery funding streams.

    Borders Community Action and the Social Enterprise Chamber are also able to provide support with information on funds, live UK trusts/foundations and the application process. They can also provide you with constitutional and operational advice if you are not formally set up at present.

Community grants

The community grants team provide advice on funding to voluntary/community groups for the development of community projects

Address: Council Headquarters
Newtown St. Boswells