Federation of Village Halls Grant Scheme

Village hall funding

We provide funding for village halls each year, which is distributed via the four Federation of Village Halls in the Borders area.

A summary of each Federation’s annual accounts is available here.

Each Federation aims to support the development of the village halls in their area as well as provide training and ongoing advice to village hall committees. With the assistance of our funding they also administer small grant schemes which can offer project funding, and in some cases revenue support.

The four Federations of Village Halls are:

  • Berwickshire - total funding for 2024-25 is £13,504
  • Central Borders - total funding for 2024-25 is £14,470
  • Roxburgh - total funding for 2024-25 is £13,869
  • Peeblesshire - total funding for 2024-25 is £8,184

If you would like more information on how to contact your local Federation of Village Halls, contact us.

Community grants

The community grants team provide advice on funding to voluntary/community groups for the development of community projects

Address: Council Headquarters
Newtown St. Boswells