Local Festival Grant Scheme

Local Festival Grant Scheme (£85,110)

We provide some annual funding to local Festival Committees to assist with the running costs of traditional festivals in towns and villages across the Scottish Borders (total fund available per annum £85,110).

Funding is provided to the main traditional festival in each town or village.

What can grants be claimed for?

Annual grants awarded to Festival Committees are principally to assist with the cost of:

  • public liability insurance 
  • public protection measures (ie. road closures, first aid, marshalling, stewarding, etc.)

The level of grant awarded is based on population levels and the requirement of horse cavalcades at festival activities.

The Local Festival Grant Scheme is reviewed on a 3 yearly basis and grant levels are agreed by our Executive Committee.  

29 local festivals receive support.

Who can apply for a grant?

Contact the community grants team for further information if your town/village:

  • has a traditional annual festival which is not currently funded
  • is in need of support
  • has been running for a minimum of 3 years

How to claim your grant?

For those Festival Committees who receive the Local Festival Grant you must complete and send in the following templates:

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