Community councils

Community councils are recognised groups of local people with an interest in their community.

The size of each community council varies, some are as small as five and others as large as 18 people.

Community councils in the Scottish Borders are governed by the Scottish Borders Scheme for Community Councils.

All Local Authorities are legally obliged to establish community councils under the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973.

What do community councils do?

The main role of community councils is to:

  • represent their local area
  • consult with local residents
  • pass their views on to public sector organisations such as ourselves and NHS Borders

We have a responsibility to consult with community councils about how local services are delivered and inform them of any changes to services or any issues that may affect their local area.

Councillors attend their local community council meetings, providing a good link between ourselves and the community.

Each community council is a member of the Scottish Borders Community Councils' Network (SBCCN) which organises:

  • an annual conference
  • seminars to discuss areas of concern
  • training

Community council minutes

Copies of community council minutes are available by contacting your local community council directly.

Find your local community council Visit SBCCN website