School travel and road safety education

School travel initiatives

We regularly oversee the following School Travel initiatives.

Walk to School Weeks

Held annually in both May and October to encourage active school travel. Schools are notified through Headteachers' bulletins prior to each event.

Positive Parking Campaign

 Educates and motivates pupils and is tailor made to fit each school’s road safety concerns. The Junior Road Safety Officers (JRSO) and school staff member meet regularly (once a week) to monitor parking outside the school. Each week they award a traffic light status of red, amber or green and the whole school is kept updated in assembly. Resources are supplied by us and delivered within the school by JRSOs and the JRSO Co-ordinator/staff member.

Pedometer Challenge

A one week walking challenge suitable for P4s and upwards, with the resources supplied by us.

Green Feet Forward

An initiative that aims to reduce school gate congestion and encourage pupils to use a sustainable form or transport.

Walk Once a Week

A five week walking scheme to encourage active travel for pupils, with initiative information supplied by us.

Bikeability Scotland

A training programme intended to help promote and support cycling locally and make schools more cycle friendly.

Active School Travel Awards

The awards are presented to the schools with the highest percentage of pupils actively travelling to school each year. At primary level each high school cluster area have their own shield to compete for, while at secondary level the nine high schools compete for the Secondary School Active Travel Champion Award.

Various road safety theatre productions and workshops are also held for primary and secondary pupils. 

School Travel Hands Up Survey

Statistical information is gathered annually on the school travel modes of nursery, primary and secondary pupils within our area and nationally.