What needs planning permission

Farm and forestry buildings and private ways

Planning Permission

An application for planning permission is required for: 

  • development on farm holdings of less than 0.4 hectares 
  • the construction alteration or extension of a dwelling 
  • any building or works not designed for agriculture
  • the construction, extension or alteration over:
    • 465 square metres in area (engineering operations for livestock or plant or machinery or in a designated area)
    • 1,000 square metres in area (where not in a designated area)
    • 12m in height, or 3m in height where the building is within 3km of an aerodrome 
  • development which is within 25 metres of a metalled trunk or classified road
  • the construction or carrying out of any works to a building uses, or to be used, for intensive livestock accommodation or storage of slurry or sewage sludge where that building is within 400m of a protected building. A protected building is a building normally occupied by people, but does not include buildings forming part of a working farm or certain special industrial buildings

Prior notification

Anyone intending to build or significantly alter/extend farm or forestry buildings or alter or form a new private way is required to notify the planning authority of their intention to carry out such development. This notification applies to the exercise of permitted development rights only for example, to development for which planning permission is not required. 

Making an application

Applications can be made online

A "which form?" wizard and planning fee calculator are available on the national eplanning website. 

Development management

Processing of planning applications, and advice on the need for planning permission

Address: Council Headquarters
Newtown St. Boswells

Telephone: 0300 100 1800