Submitting a planning application

Apply online

Make a planning application online

You can make a planning application via the Scottish Government online portal. This is the most efficient means of making a planning application.


A fee is required to be paid with most applications for planning permission.

Other fees

There may be a requirement for us to advertise applications if we cannot notify neighbours as there are no premises or if the proposal is for a 'bad neighbour' development. If this is the case, you will be advised that an additional £80 advert fee is required to be paid before the application can be determined.

Legal agreements

We have produced a short guidance note on the use of s.69 and s.75 legal agreements to secure development contributions.

Postal planning application

You can submit a hard copy planning application either in person at our headquarters, or by post.

Planning application forms are available to download. There are a number of different forms of planning consent which may be required for your development and application forms are available to download from this site. Please ensure you check the guidance note for the application type.

Please note:

  • in most cases, all documentation forming part of an application, and all subsequent correspondence (from any party) will be published online at our Public Access website
  • complete all application forms in black ink only
  • fees are charged for most applications
  • forms must also be accompanied by the necessary plans and drawings showing your site's location and detailing your proposals
  • in terms of plans and drawings, it is advisable to commission the services of a professional architect, surveyor, builder or similarly qualified person to produce your drawings
  • we will undertake neighbour notification. Regulations state that, if it is not possible to identify all owners of neighbouring premises and land, you (the applicant) must meet the cost of any advertisement required for this purpose. We will write to you on receipt of your application if this is necessary


We aim to act fairly when processing planning applications. Please take a few moments to fill in our application equality questionnaire and submit it with your planning application.

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