What needs planning permission

Demolition requirements

Exemptions within Conservation Areas

Demolition of buildings and walls within Conservation Areas will require Conservation Area Consent unless exempt. Exemptions include: 

  • a building with a total cubic content not exceeding 115 cubic metres or any part of such a building under 115 cubic metres
  • any gate, wall, fence or railing which is less than 1m high where abutting a road used by vehicular traffic, or facing on to open space
  • any gate, wall, fence or railing which is less than 2m high, and not subject to two above  
  • any temporary building erected on land (except mining operations) 
  • any building erected since 1 January 1914 and used for an industrial process
  • buildings where demolition is authorised by the provision of the various powers of the Town and Country Planning (Scotland) Acts, or Housing (Scotland) Acts 

Exemptions outwith Conservation Areas  

Demolition of buildings outside Conservation Areas will reqiure Prior Notification to us unless exempt under Class 70 of the General Permitted Development (Scotland) Order 1992 (as amended).  

Making an application

Applications can be made online

A "which form?" wizard and planning fee calculator are available on the national eplanning website. 

ePlanning Scotland

Development management

Processing of planning applications, and advice on the need for planning permission

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