What needs planning permission

Householder guide to planning permission

The regulations setting out whether planning permission is required for certain types of alterations and extensions to houses are set by the Scottish Government.

Not all development proposals require formal consent. This will depend upon the location of the property and the details of each particular proposal.

Formal consent for building works

See further guidance on what can be carried out to houses and flats without needing planning permission, which explains the complex regulations on householder permitted development. This legislation is also available online, for interpretation, the leaflet is in an easier to understand format.

If you are thinking of extending your house, or building within the garden, see the flow chart guidance which will give you basic advice on whether or not you will require formal consent for the works you want to do.

Whilst the national planning legislation is produced by the Scottish Government, it is for us to interpret the legislation. If in doubt, please contact us for further advice before starting any work.

Other Consent Requirements

  • as well as the potential need for planning consent (and related consents such as Listed Building Consent) you should also check whether or not a Building Warrant is required for the proposal. You may need a Building Warrant even if planning permission is not required 
  • if you do not own the property or land, you should also seek the consent of the owner
  • if you wish to carry out any works on a tree, contact our Tree Officer (based at our HQ)