Grasscutting and bedding plant provision FAQs

Get involved and play #yourpart

I want to start maintaining an area within my community, can I do so?

Yes, if there is a grass area, for example in front of your house, which has moved to the new regime, please feel free to play #yourpart and cut it in between.

We have a number of ‘In Bloom’ groups across the Borders who do fantastic work to help maintain our region and enter our Floral Gateway competition. If they, or other community groups or organisations, want to get involved in taking over maintenance of bedding plant provision or other activities, please get in touch. We have funding which you could access to help. 

We are also still seeking nominations for areas we own which could be turned into grassland or wildflower meadows to improve biodiversity.

Please be aware that under the Wildlife and Countryside Act, all birds, their nests and eggs are protected by law and it is an offence to intentionally or recklessly disturb a wild bird nest.

We have a community event coming up, can we ask for an area to receive an extra cut?

We know the importance of Common Ridings, summer festivals and major community events to the Borders, and are happy to discuss special requests for such events

I am unhappy that a general amenity area is not being cut as often, how do I complain?

We realise this will be a change for residents but it is not our intention to return to our previous grass cutting regime. We need to change to become financially and environmentally sustainable and we feel this is the best option in achieving the desired change.