Grass management

2024 grass management pilot

Grass management pilot

A pilot grass management operating model for the 2024 growing season will begin this month with the aim of improving outcomes for communities and local biodiversity.

The scheme will see a more holistic approach taken to managing greenspace areas, with cutting frequencies recalibrated to reflect local needs by incorporating community feedback and the local knowledge of staff.

The trial will initially be undertaken across three localities to monitor its effectiveness. 

The routes have been revised to include areas which would benefit from an additional cut, as well as areas where a more flexible cutting regime can be deployed, including naturalised areas which are cut and lifted at the end of the season.

The new approach will aim to make better use of available resources and target local priority sites where additional cuts are required, particularly during peak growing conditions.

Sites such as active cemeteries and play parks will be prioritised for cutting, with a more flexible regime employed across less active or inactive cemetery grounds and already established biodiversity areas.

Improving biodiversity 

The new strategy will further the conservation of biodiversity across the region and help us meet goals set out in our Climate Change Route Map around promoting pollinators, reducing carbon emissions and recognising the importance greenspaces have in the wellbeing of society.

Timeline and evaluation of the pilot 

The pilot scheme will run for the entirety of the 2024 growing season with data gathered throughout in order to monitor its success. The data collected will inform any changes where appropriate to ensure the new regime is meeting the needs of local communities. 

An ongoing evaluation of the pilot's success will be undertaken throughout 2024 and measured by written and verbal feedback, whilst monitoring any change in the volume of enquiries received. 

Communities can feedback through their local Community Councils, Elected Members or by submitting their opinions through a feedback form.   

At the end of the season (October) community feedback on the trial will be collated and a report presented and discussed with the relevant Elected Members and Community Councils to discuss the future planning and provision of grass management within each area. 

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