Archaeology is the study of the human past through the things our ancestors left behind.

People have lived in, moved through, farmed, worshipped in and fought over this region for 14k years.

Historic Environment Record

With more than 15k registered entries in our Historic Environment Record (HER) and growing, the Borders is one of the richest regions for archaeology and built heritage in Scotland.

Examples include:

  • the earliest flint tools left by hunters and gatherers by rivers and lochs
  • iron Age and Roman forts on hills and in valleys
  • Abbeys, castles and weaving mills

Our Archaeology service

We look to protect, promote and enhance the wealth of archaeological sites and buildings through:

  • advising owners, developers and planners on risks to heritage sites and ways to mitigate these
  • providing expert advice on protecting or recording archaeological sites to environmental agencies
  • updating our extensive HER
  • promoting the rich archaeological and built heritage resources of the Borders through events, such as the annual Borders Heritage Week, and interpretation projects

Contact our archaeology officer for more information.

Resources available online

Search for archaeological sites on Canmore website