Trees in the Scottish Borders

Tree Policy

The policy sets out the responsibilities we have in the management and maintenance of its own tree stock and how we can advise on tree related enquiries

  • Highlights the benefits of trees, particularly within the Borders. Covers the diversity of our tree stock which includes trees, woodlands, industrial areas and individual woodlands which are under SBC control.
  • Sets out the sustainability of trees within the wider Green and open spaces, the benefits which they provide us in improving quality of life and where that benefits local communities.
  • Includes information on how we cover public safety on land owned by us, through on going risk assessment and a cyclical programme of inspections, and carrying out all recommended tree works. This follows national guidance on tree risk management.
  • Advice to all stakeholders on what we will and will not undertake. Advice is set out on private trees and tree legislation, how issues can be reported and what we can undertake.
  • Gives an oversight into current Scottish legislation relating to trees and tree management.
  • Contact information is provided and available through the our website, including telephone numbers and email address for tree enquiries.
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