Responsible dog ownership

Dog fouling

Dog fouling is unpleasant and a health hazard. Most dog owners are responsible and clean up after their dogs, but some don't.

It is our policy to deal with those that do not.

Bag it - Tie it - Bin it

  • anyone who does not immediately clean up fouling by a dog is committing an offence under the Dog Fouling (Scotland) Act 2003
  • the law covers all public open spaces
  • you must clean up after your dog on pavements, roads, footpaths, parks, football pitches, communal land, back greens, stairs, closes and any other land that is open to the public
  • dispose of your dog's faeces in your bin at home or in any public litter bin, do not leave it behind
  • people who do not clean up after their dog can receive a fixed penalty of £80
  • police officers can issue Fixed Penalty Notices

Report dog fouling

You can report an incident of dog fouling online or you can contact our Customer Advice and Support Service.

If you are reporting a dog fouling issue or offender, tell us:

  • location/s and time of fouling
  • owner's name and address, if known
  • description of the dog, including breed and colour
  • your own contact details

Promoting responsible dog ownership

We are keen to promote responsible dog ownership and have a range of initiatives in place, including:

  • educating dog owners as to their responsibilities
  • taking enforcement action against offenders
  • providing litter bins throughout the Borders for the disposal of dog fouling and general litter
  • erecting "No Fouling" signs and posters
  • giving talks to primary school children/community groups

If you wish to display our new poster, you can download it from our Flickr page.

If you would like to request any of our dog fouling educational materials contact Trading Standards and Animal Health online.

Report dog fouling online Visit our Flickr for promotional posters Privacy notice - dog fouling

Dog fouling

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