Neighbourhood Support Fund

Teviot and Liddesdale Neighbourhood Support Fund

The Teviot and Liddesdale Neighbourhood Support Fund for 2024/25 has £42,465 available to support community activity. The Teviot and Liddesdale Area Partnership has agreed to divide this fund equally between two pots – Pot A and Pot B. Both pots have £21,232.50 available for community projects.

Pot A

Pot A is for projects in the eight Community Council wards in Teviot and Liddesdale.  Each Community Council ward receives a one-tenth share of Pot A for community activity, with the exception of Burnfoot and Hawick. Those community council wards have larger populations and therefore receive two shares of the fund.

The amount of funding available in each Community Council ward is listed below.

CC Ward

Opening balance













Upper Liddesdale & Hermitage


Upper Teviotdale & Borthwick Water


Applicants must specify which Community Council they are applying to for Pot A funding and the activity must be delivered within that Community Council ward. Applicants can apply for the full amount available in the Community Council’s Pot A fund whilst funds are available.

Please read the guidance notes for Pot A funding before applying.

Pot B

The Pot B fund has £21,232.50 available and is open to all groups and organisations in Teviot and Liddesdale and delivery can take place in any community.  Pot B has an application limit of £5k. From 1 April 24, salary costs will be considered as part of the Pot B fund. 

Please read the guidance notes for Pot B funding before applying.


Alongside the application form, please ensure that all supporting documents are provided. You will not be able to submit the online application without uploading your supporting documents.

Applications will only be assessed once all the supporting documents have been received.

All applications will be evaluated by an assessment panel which will then make its funding recommendations to the Teviot and Liddesdale Area Partnership.

Funding rounds

There will be four funding rounds throughout the 2024/25 fiscal year. For the fourth funding round, Pot A and Pot B will merge to create one large pot, amalgamating any remaining funds to ensure they are not lost if they cannot be carried over into the next fiscal year. Organisations from any Teviot and Liddesdale ward are eligible to apply.

Application closing date

Panel Meeting

Area Partnership

10 May 2024

W/C 20 May 2024

June - 18 June 2024

2 August 2024

W/C 19 August 2024

11 September 2024

27 September 2024

W/C 14 October 2024

5 November 2024

20 January 2025

W/C 3 Feb 2025

25 February 2025

Access the application form Read guidance notes for Pot A Read guidance notes for Pot B

Neighbourhood Support Fund queries

If you have any questions or need help with your application, contact our Communities and Partnerships Team

Telephone: 0300 100 1800