Technology enabled care

Heat, smoke and fall detectors

Heat and smoke detectors

Our heat and smoke detectors provide all the benefits of a high-quality smoke alarm combined with an alert to our Alarm Monitoring Centre in the event of a fire. If you or a family member need the added reassurance of protection against domestic fires, then our heat and smoke sensor system is an invaluable addition to other TEC equipment.

We can provide:

  • wireless heat detectors in the kitchen
  • wireless smoke detectors in the hallway and landing area (if applicable)
  • wireless smoke detectors in the living room (or the most used room in the house)

Flashing beacons and a vibrating pillow pad can be integrated into a heat and smoke installation to alert hard of hearing clients in the event of a fire.

Please note these detectors do not meet the new Scottish legislation for smoke and fire alarms and are installed to supplement your existing smoke detectors (which you should ensure meet the new regulations).

Fall detectors

Our fall detectors provide added protection for those who may be at risk of falling by automatically raising an alert to our Alarm Monitoring Centre if the device senses that the wearer has fallen.

They are designed to detect hard falls and raises an automatic alert.* Users can also manually call for help by using the inbuilt button.

Fall detectors have a typical range of 50m/164ft from the home unit. The devices are waterproof to IP67 standard.

*Some falls (slow falls, soft falls, slump falls) may not be detected. In this situation, the client should press the help button manually.