Universal Credit

When and how you will be paid

Universal Credit (UC) is normally paid monthly in arrears, but this does not mean that you will get your first payment a month after making your claim. 

It usually takes around five weeks to receive your first payment, but payment may be delayed if you have not given the Department for Work and Pensions all the information needed to assess your claim, including the amount of your rent. 

In Scotland you can ask for UC to be paid on a fortnightly basis, but this can only be requested once you have received your first payment. If you choose fortnightly payments, you will receive half your entitlement on the date it is normally due to be paid, and the second half of the payment will be paid 15 days later. 

You can find out more information about when and how you will get paid on the government website.

Find out more about how different earning patterns could impact on your UC award.

Your claimant commitment

Your payments will be paid regularly unless your UC is sanctioned. 

Your claimant commitment will clearly state what will happen if you fail to meet each of your responsibilities. You will have a cut in your benefit, known as a sanction, if you fail to meet one of your responsibilities and can’t give a good reason to explain why.

Depending on what you failed to do and how many times you have failed to meet your responsibilities, a sanction can last for up to three years.

If your UC has been sanctioned and there is good reason why you did not meet your responsibilities, it is important that you challenge the decision. If you do not challenge the decision, and you fail to meet your responsibilities again then your next sanction could last much longer.

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